October 2014 Numerology


October is the 10th month of the year, in a Universal 7 Year (2+1+4=7), therefore, October is the vibration of 8 (1+0+7=8).

So, 8 Month has these characteristics:

  • Power
  • Fearlessness
  • Good Judgement
  • Constructive Expansion
  • Material Freedom

A 8 month vibration gives one the opportunity to take control of business and financial matters. One must always be self-reliant, forceful, and resourceful.high powered, enterprising, pragmatic associates are important now. This is not the time for vacations, socializing, or undisciplined behavior. After last month’s delays, legalities, and unanswered questions, one must develop an efficient attitude and unclog the wheels of progress. The projects begun seven months before require one’s best effort to advertise, promote, and be shrewd. One should dress with dignity, be diplomatic, and pull out all the status symbols available. If one is organized and perceptive, exceptional results will be achieved!

Reference Book: Your Days Are Numbered by Florence Campbell available on Amazon.

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