June 2014 Numerology


June is the 6th month in a Universal year (2+1+4=7), so the universal month vibration is (6+7=13 and 1+3=4) a 4.

The number ‘4’ is the number of foundations, of setting plans and structures in place and getting our life organised in order to build upon a stable platform.

It is a time to reflect upon the structures within your life, your family, your home and your security. You can achieve anything, when you ground and anchor and take the practical steps to make your dreams a physical reality.

A 4 Month has these traits:

  • Directed Effort
  • Skilled Work
  • Service
  • Organization
  • The number four is also a karmic number… facilitating us to honour the wisdoms of the past, and move forward with renewed vigour.

    As an additional note: Before being broken down, the vibrational number for this month adds up to ’13’. Thirteen is seen as the last note in an octave in music (chromatic scale) – which is of course the first note of the next octave. Thus thirteen represents both death and re-birth and the opportunity to transcend your pain to emerge enlightened.

    Reference Book: Your Days Are Numbered by Florence Campbell available on Amazon.

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