December 2014 Numerology


December is the 12th month of a Universal 7 year (2+1+4=7), therefore, it is a Universal energy of 1 (1+2+7=10, =1).

So a 1 Month vibrates these characteristics:

  • Action
  • Creation
  • Seeking the New
  • Making Changes
  • The Start
  • The 1 vibration month is active, and one should take the initiative. It is a month in which things get accomplished that we were on the brink of completion three months before but did not materialize. Situations arise this month that put the individual in the driver’s seat. New people, situations, and ideas abound. One should be aggressive and use this time span to make changes. Decisions should be based on independent, intellectual evaluations because help and encouragement may not be forthcoming. Overall, the focus should be on beginnings. Take action, and go for it!

    Reference Book: Your Days Are Numbered by Florence Campbell available on Amazon.

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