Trisha teaches the following classes which can also be incorporated into a workshop:

Hello Again from the Other Side

Experience the opening of the door to the “Other Side” in messages you receive from departed friends and loved ones. Do they just want to let you know that they are around you, that they are okay?

Animal Totem Spirit Guides

Animal guides are a fun tool to utilize for understanding our connection to Mother Earth and to all her creatures. The animal kingdom is on the Earth to aid mankind in their journey and life lessons. In this fun filled class, individuals will meet their Spirit Animal Totem and their impact on life.

Vibes – Psychometry

This is a fun way to develop your intuition! Psychometry is the art of reading vibrations emanating from objects. Vibrations can be read on the hand, voice, chakra, aura and photos. Bring several objects such as jewelry and photos to be read.

Past Life Readings

Ever have that “been there; done that” feeling? Well maybe you have! Do you have an affinity for someplace that you’ve never been before and can’t explain why? Trisha will look into one of your most relevant past lives and give you insight into that lifetime and how it affects you now.

Face Readings – The Basics

For many centuries, the characteristics of the face have been studied to recognize personality traits of individuals. Learn how reading a person’s face can help you to relate to co-workers, bosses and other authority figures, friends and loved ones. It is as clear as the nose on your face.

Contact Your Spirit Guides

Everyone has Spirit Guides! Come meet yours. Enjoy a relaxing meditation while receiving answers to 2 or 3 questions. Unsure you will be answered? Trisha, an experienced facilitator, will assist by channeling the answer for you. Group discussion will follow.

Crystal Awareness

Ever hear about elestrial, generator, activation, channel, or Fadden quartz crystal formation? See them; feel them; learn about the varieties of crystal and their uses in this hands-on class. Learn about these crystal types and more from the teacher who LOVES stones! Hand outs included.

Creating Prosperity

Learning to open the doorway to abundance can be easy. Prosperity can be manifested in all areas of our lives: money, career, love, personal happiness… This class will focus on the many methods for generating wealth. We will look into practical and metaphysical tools with the goal of learning how to create prosperity.

The Energy of Money

It is our natural state of being to be prosperous and abundant. Trisha employs a spiritual approach to financial and personal fulfillment. Learn the secrets of bringing prosperity into your life.

Building Wealth in You Spiritual Business

Just because you are in a spiritual journey, does not mean you should be living in poverty. It is okay to be a Light Worker AND have an abundance of wealth.
Trisha Dolan will facilitate this class, breaking through these misconceptions. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and in Business Management. Utilizing detailed techniques, she will teach you how to be a successful business person.

How to Create the Wealth and Life you Desire

Living an abundant and prosperous life is readily available to everyone. We just need to ask for it and believe we deserve it. Phoenix University Alumnus Trisha Dolan has degrees in Business and Financial Management. She understands all the possibilities and problems of reaching financial goals. For over 20 years, Trisha has guided individuals to reach their highest personal potential by sharing the effective nuances that generate results. She will guide you through the methods that will open the door of prosperity in all areas of your life and also through the steps to write and fine-tune your own personal affirmation.

Space… Clearing

Are you feeling stuck? Have you moved to a new home or business? Are you experiencing recurring chronic health problems? Is there negativity in your environment? Do you have metaphysical disturbances such as ghosts? This is the class for you. Trisha will lead you through the ways and means of clearing your personal space and environment.

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

In this class, we will discuss the 7 major chakras in our body: where they are located, their respective color, and what issues and characteristics they represent. Learn to identify where you have blockages in your chakras. Afterwards, we will have a meditation to help cleanse and ballance our chakras.

Develop Psychic Abilities

Develop you psychic abilities and learn how to channel departed loved ones all in one evening. We will touch on psychometry, auras, past lives and the reason for being there. Demonstrations and interactivity are an integral part of this class. The on going workshop facilitates your spiritual progress.

Channeling Workshop

In this class one gains understanding how to differentiate between your Spirit Guides and departed people. Learn to follow yow intuition in receiving messages for yourself and others. Also learn the types of channeling processes and the tools behind them. Practice, repetition and consistency enhance your ability.

Dream Interpretation

A practice that analyzes the symbols appearing in dreams in order to sort out a problem, put the dreamer in touch with his or her inner self, discern repressed thoughts, diagnose possible illnesses, unscramble a warning, or foretell the future. The practice of dream interpretation goes all the way back to ancient times. Perhaps the most well known interpreter of dreams was the Hebrew patriarch Joseph.

Palmistry 101 for Beginners (also Intermediate and Advanced)

The science of determining personality characteristics and the overall life potential of a human being by reading the lines and other characteristics of their hands. The left hand is said to reflect the individual’s potential, while the right hand shows what the person does with that potential. When giving a reading, a palmist reads the shape of the hands and fingers, the length of the fingers, AND the lines. Palmistry may have been invented as early as prehistoric times; the vast number of handprints on the walls of caves demonstrate that at the very least, early humans were fascinated by the hands. Information on palmistry and its methods have been found in ancient Vedic scripts, the Bible, and ancient Greek manuscripts. Aristotle is said to have discovered a treatise on palmistry on an altar to the Greek God Hermes.

Which Clair… Are You?

Some people are gifted with more than one way to tune into Spirit. Trisha believes that everyone is psychic. Come learn which of the four senses is the strongest for you: Clairaudience (hearing), Clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feelings), or Claircognizance (knowingness).

Messages From Beyond

Bring a piece of jewelry or picture. Ask your “spirtit guides” and “loved ones” to come with you and to communicated messages for insight, healing, wisdom and closure for your higest good. Join us for an enlightening and profound experience.

What Color is Your Rainbow?

Begin with your birth name. Using Color-Number-Gemstone Method.
You will determine your own color chart and find the Rainbow of your name.
Gemstones supply the missing colors, missing lessons to learn.
Discover your Soul Color, it’s meaning, and much more.

Karma, Numerology & Stones

What karmic lessons are stopping you from obtaining your goal?
Begin with your birth name using the color, number, gemstone method.
Colors and stones emit a vibration that can be used to help clear blockages.
Discover your soul color, it’s meaning, and much more. This is a fun and insightful class.

Psychic Messages from Trisha

Psychic since birth, Trisha will use her special abilities to answer two to three questions for you. This is an exciting opportunity to gain personal awareness into your everyday life. Her insight will assist you in relationship, career, health or spiritual growth. Trisha’s delightful character provides solution along with humor.

Reiki I — Rejuvinate

Vitalize yourself and those you meeton life’s path by learning practical applications of the anciant Japanese art. Workshop includes discussion of the chakras, subtle bodies, and hands-on exchange. Students will recive first attunement, symbol and handouts. Wear comfortable layers of clothing. Bring a bottle of water, a pad of paper and a pen. Suggested reading: “Essential I Reiki” by Diane Stein.

Reiki II — Certification

The path continues as you learn to heal emotional and mental issues for yourself and others. Reiki II’s will have the ability to do distance healings, remove past karmic blocks, and positively influence future events. Students will receive second and third attunements with symbols. Handouts are provided. Please dress comfortably and bring water, a notepad and a pen.

All classes are available for private consultation, group functions or seminars upon appointment.