I was born with the gift of insight. I am Clairvoyant and clairaudient (I see images and hear messages from the Spirit). I didn’t know everyone couldn’t see, hear and talk to people from the “other side”. Through the aide of guardian angels and loved ones, I assist individuals to empower themselves to make appropriate decisions and changes in their lives. I believe that everyone has the gift and like any weak muscle in the body, it can be strengthened, developed, assisted to become more dependable.

As a world renowned healer and a clear channel medium, it is important to me to enlighten as many people as possible to their inner grace. I enjoy helping clients clear blocks, raise their self-esteem, assist them in giving power to their thoughts and feelings. I also share insights, affirmations, scriptures and other concepts to aide them gain abundance and prosperity. I am blessed and honored as I work the global market through a variety of venues such as books, training materials, seminars, lectures, workshops, retreats, private and corporate parties, and one-on-one readings to my clients.

My mission provides empowering insights, enriching multitudes of lives, connecting individuals to their life purpose and to know God’s Love and Light.

Although currently based in Utah, I travel to various regions to spread the information the Spirit requests of me. I work in Arizona at least eight out of twelve months a year. I continue to increase my clientele base and have been supporting Wellspring Books for twelve years and California, Nebraska, Florida, Tennessee, Colorado and Massachusetts (Martha’s Vineyard) are other locations that I visit. I am also an Angel Therapy Practitionerâ„¢, certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue, and I am affiliated with the Angel Therapy web site too.

I invite you to experience life and a psychic reading with me. We can meet in person at one of my events, group settings, or via phone. Remember, I have clients all over the world connecting with me through the phone waves. A phone reading is safe and easy to give to those who desire and request this..

“Life is easier and more Fun… when the messages are Clear!”